About Us

Welcome to Green Gold Garden Consultancy

GREEN GOLD is a group of young multidisciplinary professionals for landscape design, development, management, maintenance and consultancy. Transforming landscape ideas and concepts into reality is our forte. One door step solution for landscape design to maintenance. Approach to landscape project from preparing the concept, development plan, landscape design, site planning, hard & soft landscape design, project management for execution to maintenance

Our Approach

The functions of a contemporary landscape are not different from those of the ones from history. They can be classified as landscapes for recreation and relaxation, for representative functions, for open-air gallery-style display or as purely contemplative. Furthermore, these spaces can also be classified, according to their use, as private or public landscapes, or as hybrids between two. Although a landscape can be imbued with varying degrees of significance, it never ceases to provide its users with the illusion of a domain that has been made to measure, of a place, like paradise, whose existence is free form peril.

Still landscapes influence our attitudes and feelings; they also provide clear evidence of the undoubted fascination that plants, and gardening in general, have exerted over human beings since time immemorial. Landscape have always existed and they always will, from beginning to the end of our journey through life.

The modernity of various projects, that we have done, lies not only in the use of materials and construction techniques but also, above all, in a shared denominator: they are all landscapes in the urban settings.

The urban setting often imposes a series of evident but complex limitations, but our interventions often find subtle ways of overcoming them.

Our Philosophy

We at GREEN GOLD are a group of young and budding multidisciplinary professionals. We deliver humane creations touching many facets of everyday life – from landscape design & conservation, as well as consultancy & development.

Transforming project ideas and concepts into reality is our forte. Our holistic approach is rooted in a complete spectrum of skills covering all stages of the development cycle – right from preparing the concept, development plan, landscape design, site planning, hard landscape design, project management and implementing the solution. Thus we offer our customers TPS (Total Planning and design Services) with the motto of  "Think Global Act Local."

What Is We Stand For

Adding maximum value to our clients’ visions and thereby our own Being ethically, environmentally and socially responsible. Working to deliver the aspirations of our team, society and clients’ alike. Helping improve the quality of life for today’s generation and sustain resources for tomorrow.

Our Team

Leading and organizing design department in terms of project management, quality control and research. Involves in formulation and implementation for the projects as lead consultant in horticulture and soft landscape design. Involved in wide range of projects in all aspects execution. Key person in marketing also.


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